“PEACEMINUSONE” : At the heart of the new G-Dragon project

Recognized as one of the most influential leaders of music and fashion in Korea, G-Dragon is at the origin of the new innovative PEACEMINUSONE project. An art brand referring to its hope for peace which he describes as a project that « tranforms the imagination into reality. »

For its first appearance at Paris Fashion Week, PEACEMINUSONE organises a pop-up store and exhibition in collaboration with +82, which includes clothes, accessories, sculptures and video projections.

It was during the presentation of the collection that we could follow the look of G-Dragon, an out of the ordinary character. Wet hair, assumed makeup, pair of red and white Jordan’s, PEACEMINUSONE sweatshirt, sequined pants and a customized poncho towel : the leader of the BIGBANG group appears as idol but is a fully fledged artist.

Photos © Kopeto

The presentation takes place in 3 rooms. An installation with clothes in each of them, sometimes available to the public. Mink furs with colored cigarette holders clash with the decor. There is a tight fitting mannequin strolling like a prisoner, lucky ones having been able to tear a piece from the collection, or personalities such as the rapper Keith Ape or the model SooJoo Park.

Alcohol and cigarettes available to anyone. Bundles of notes on the ground over debris of mirror. The rebel tone is intensely marked in the heart of a minimalist collection and acclaimed in the Haute-Couture Fashion Week.

Launched January 24th, 2017 at Colette, PEACEMINUSONE will be available in February 2017 at the following retailers: Colette, Dover Street Market and Joyce.

Written by Emilie de Jaeger — Translated to English by @jiyongal