Connect the worlds — Fashion & sustainability for the new generations

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In September 2022, Views launched its large-scale fashion and sustainability study designed to probe the habits and opinions of french youngsters. For three months, Views polled its audience through questionnaires, focus groups, individual interviews and expert interviews. More than 12,000 people aged 16 to 28 contributed to our surveys, shedding light on the paradox of an entire generation.

We are in a generation that demonstrates every Sunday for the planet wearing Shein.

As they become more and more sensitive to ecology, younger generations are also the ones who consume the most. 98% of our audience says they feel concerned about the environmental situation. Why is ecology still not an obvious choice in the textile consumption of young people? We wanted to gauge the feeling of those concerned and understand the obstacles that appear when reading about fashion and ecology. Our goal: to identify concrete and actionable solutions and get out of the “everything is wrong” mindset.

6 needs for sustainable fashion

These needs concern both brands wishing to gain eco-credibility, and young people who aspire to more ethical consumption; appropriating one’s clothing, valuing repair to lengthen the life of textiles, increasing transparency for a more balanced “consumer-business” relationship.

Having Fashion and Sustainability to match again

Now, more than ever, it is essential to connect the worlds and allow two realities to coexist in minds and practices. This includes linking ownership and repair, production cost and selling value, intended use and final use, but also hype and eco-responsibility. Progress towards a responsible fashion is possible.

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